Forever New looking to grow internationally

Forever New is a fashion retailer we see in every significant mall and shopping strip in Australia. The company is becoming one of the most well known shopping destinations in Australia.

The company is Australian however it has quietly opened stores around the world and looking to grow further. Forever New has stores in countries like Singapore, China, New Zealand, South Africa and even Turkey.

The company is run by Dipendra and Amanda Goenka who founded the company in Melbourne. Forever New now has financial backing from Tom Singh who is a powerhouse fashion player behind big UK stores such as New Look. The investment of Tom Singh shows the confidence that exists in the business model of Forever New.

Forever New is now valued at over $108 million dollars and has recently undergone a restructure so that it can further it’s expansion over seas. The company has traditionally been a bricks and mortar store but is now increasing it’s presence online. Get a Forever New coupon with your purchase now.

The company has assets valued at over $50 million and employs hundreds of people.