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DSIC is a source of contemporary thinking and best-practice in systems engineering research, consulting and education.

What we do

DSIC delivers world-class capabilities in complex systems to the Australian Department of Defence and defence industry.

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DSIC Head Office
Module 7E, Endeavour House
Fourth Avenue, Technology Park


Welcome to DSIC

The Defence Systems Innovation Centre (DSIC) is a source of contemporary thinking and best-practice in systems engineering research, consulting and education.

To achieve this, the DSIC partners collaborate with Australian and international Universities, Public Sector Research and Training Agencies, Defence Prime Contractors, SMEs, and the Department of Defence.

DSIC provides independent, vendor-neutral expertise in concepts, strategies, modelling, tools development, training and education to enable the defence community to develop its skills and knowledge to deliver defence systems solutions successfully.

DSIC applies its expertise to resolving complex problems in current and future acquisition programs and in-service support through the application of world-leading capability.

DSIC is establishing a Cooperative Research Centre proposal which has been given the title Data to Decisions (D2D) CRC – it is specifically dealing with the Big Data challenge that organisations are increasingly facing. The mission for this CRC will be to “Build capability to unlock the value of Australia’s data” . The problem space is extremely relevant to many sectors (Defence and National Security, Resources, Manufacturing and Utilities to mention a few). However, the D2D CRC will focus on Defence and National Security (Safeguarding Australia), but there will be significant “bleed-over” into those other sectors through education, training, IP commercialisation and workforce development.

For more information see: DSIC General Information Flyer


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